AQUA products at Mods and Juices



Vape juices by AQUA are a must buy because they satisfy your taste buds by giving the taste of true fruit. If you want flavors that are a blend of tropical fruits, tasting as authentic as possible, then you’re set to buy AQUA from mods and juices.
We have a variety of AQUA vape juice flavors. Mist by AQUA is a cocktail, which tends to blend different fruit flavors promising to satisfy your palate. This product amalgamates the sweetness of pears, crispness of fleshy apples and uniqueness of kiwi fruit – all set to leave you satisfied. The trueness of flavors are its trademark as we assure you that you would be left feeling the taste of a fresh juice. The exhilarating flavors are sure to tease your taste buds making you crave for more.

Mist is not the only product that we have,  flow ice by AQUA is an exciting flavor that would refresh your respiratory tract every time you inhale it. Just inhale flow ice by AQUA and the chills and excitement of Tundra will take over your tongue – making your mind refreshed.

Mist by AQUA and flow ice are two of the many which you can buy at Mods and Juices, now on sale. With the prices significantly reduced, you can buy them for $19 – 20. We promise quality and customer care, so what are you waiting for? Don’t miss the chance and buy AQUA products from mods and juices to satisfy your taste buds.

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