As the world progresses towards betterment, new and efficient ways are devised for everything. Technology has changed our lives and made things easier. Vape technology has done the same to "once" chain smokers. The technology has not only given rise  to diversification of flavors … [Read more...]

Opt vape juice and quit smoking

Amidst the confusion of choosing  the right amount of nicotine in accordance to your taste buds - when you're confused - this blog would certainly help you out in choosing the right product. Like the previous blog, the emphasis of this blog would be upon the struggle to leave tobacco … [Read more...]

French Cannoli

      All you folks in Virginia, get ready for some exciting and unique flavors. As is always, Mods & Juices never fails to provide the E cigarette users some blast of flavors Problems with regards to choosing flavors is nill here since Mods & Juices offers … [Read more...]

Misty winds of Aqua

Aqua provides you with the flavors which are a must buy. They not only satisfy you in terms of taste but they give you the feel of a true fruit. Are you into the flavors which are a cocktail of fruits, tasting original as it is, then you’re all set for AQUA at mods and juices. Diversity is our … [Read more...]

We’re here to help!

        Under the impression of being a chain smoker, we understand that you go through severity. Leaving tobacco smoking in which you inhale chemicals such as tar or nicotine is certainly not easy - and to help you out with this, flavors and the quality of E … [Read more...]

Get rid of carcinogens

  Tobacco smoke, not only is an addiction but also comes with harmful chemicals. Not only does it have nicotine, but chemicals and carcinogens like Tar. E cigarettes provide you with a safer side. You have to choose Nicotine - just. E juice are the flavors designed to enhance your … [Read more...]

Choosing the best!

    E liquids have been sold in all prices and qualities. An ideal combination would be when a quality product comes in a manageable price. Mods & Juices provide you with a product at manageable price but of unwavering quality. We sell the best, not compromising on … [Read more...]

French in Virginia

    Mods & Juices never fails to provide the E cigarette users of Virginia some quality flavors You musn't have any problems in choosing the best quality E juice from Mods & Juices because of diversity and  unwavering quality. Are you in need of E juices in a … [Read more...]

Be Ruthless!

  When you're on the verge of leaving tobacco, you've to be ruthless in your decision. Being ruthless doesn't however mean that you leave the systematic approach and be abrupt. Choose the best approach for this. If you really want to see off cigarettes the best option is the use of … [Read more...]

BAZOOKA flavor

    What's with E juice that we're so much talking about? The flavors - the aromas - all designed to make your experience with E cigarettes worth while. Mods and Juices offers you with Bazooka Sour Straws eJuice, a company that promises you a great experience with authentic … [Read more...]