Choosing the best!




E liquids have been sold in all prices and qualities. An ideal combination would be when a quality product comes in a manageable price.

Mods & Juices provide you with a product at manageable price but of unwavering quality.

We sell the best, not compromising on quality, ever.

Our customer care is efficient. Not only do we provide you with the original products but also at prices you can afford. As you all know how E cigarettes are used as an efficient alternative to tobacco cigarettes. With that, E cigarettes give you the freedom!

Freedom in flavors and taste! You have the choice to get whatever you like. From the amount of nicotine to flavors you need.

Having a variety of products, we offer you various products to choose from:

Orange – mango – candy – french toast – cocktail

You name it!

We have them all here.

A fantastic range of premium quality e liquids and the freedom for the choice of any filter, taking into account your taste buds and that too in an affordable price!

Tune in to our website to purchase E liquids and starter kits and try what we offer. We guarantee you’d become our loyal customer.

With the ambition to bring you premium quality e liquids, we assure to bring you the freshness of fresh fruit with our diverse selection of carefully picked, authentic flavors.  So there’s no need to wait, purchase e liquids and starter kits to begin your journey with us.

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