Flavors to Satisfy your Taste Buds












Vape juices come in variety of flavors and indeed, this gives them an edge over cigarette smoke. Human species, since its evolution has been very choosy when it comes to tastes. Having the flavors which are not only authentic but would satisfy your  taste buds thus becomes a challenge for us.

AQUA vape juices are a real thing, because they satisfy your taste buds by giving the taste of true fruit. Want flavors which are a blend of tropical fruits, tasting delightfully authentic? Then you’re set to buy AQUA vape juices from us!

We have a variety of AQUA vape juice flavors: Mist by AQUA – a cocktail, which  blends different fruit flavors that promise to satisfy your palate. The product comes as a compound of the sweetness, crispness and uniqueness of each tropical fruit – aiming to leave you feeling the taste of the true fruit.

Apart from mist, if you’re in for a blow of fresh air, flow ice by AQUA is an exciting flavor ensuring it. Inhale ice by AQUA and the breeze of Tundra will take over your tongue – making your mind refreshed.

Mist by AQUA and flow ice are just two of the variety of flavors which you can buy at Mods & Juices, still on sale. With the prices reduced, significantly, you can buy them for $19 – 20. And as it is the aim, we promise quality and customer care, so what are you waiting for? Don’t miss the chance and buy AQUA products from Mods & Juices.


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