Misty winds of Aqua


Aqua provides you with the flavors which are a must buy. They not only satisfy you in terms of taste but they give you the feel of a true fruit.

Are you into the flavors which are a cocktail of fruits, tasting original as it is, then you’re all set for AQUA at mods and juices.

Diversity is our main positive. We provide you with vape juices of different flavors. Mist by AQUA is a cocktail, which tends to blend different fruit flavors promising to satisfy your taste buds. Mist is a colourful cocktail of different fruits  – all set to leave you satisfied and promising a great experience.

Authentic flavors are the trademark as we assure that you’ll be left enjoying the trueness of the flavor. These flavors would emancipate you from stresses of the day, soothing your taste buds, forcing you to crave for more.

Mist isn’t only offered.  flow ice by AQUA is an exciting flavor that would refresh your every breath.

Mist by AQUA and flow ice are two of the many which you can buy at Mods and Juices, now on sale. With the prices significantly affordable, you can buy them at cheaper rates compared to others. Quality is guaranteed and customer care is a top hit.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this chance to buy AQUA products from mods and juices to enjoy the tropical flavor and the cool misty breeze.

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